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LightingLandscape lighting is an important element of landscaping that is often overlooked by residents in the Hudson Valley. Landscape lighting can bring your hardscape or landscaping project to life. By adding landscape lighting to your project in the Hudson Valley you increase the usability of your patio or outdoor living space. Lighting your outdoor living space, if done correctly, will create usability after dark along with creating shadows and soft lighting of key elements of your landscaping for you and your guests to enjoy. Often, landscape lighting will add a certain ambiance that patios simply cannot have without it.

Landscape lighting also offers security to your home or office. Rarely will an intruder approach on a well lit home or place of business. In addition to security, low voltage landscape lighting will provide safety for guests along pathways and stairs. It will also make your home or office more inviting after the sun goes down.

Low voltage landscape lighting can be a inexpensive way to enhance your outdoor space. With todays LED technology, a well-planned, outdoor lighting system can be very inexpensive to operate. Visit our lighting photo gallery.

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